LD861T-25 bidirectional amplifieris new generation line amplifier which is designed in resolution elements.This kind of amplifier is with lots of advantages, such as with high performance, high reliability, low in price and adapted to two-way HFC network for CATV.


u  The amplifier is designed in resolution elements, low in price

u  The amplifier shall be put in a ventilated place in the room

u  With on-off power supply, high efficiency, wide range of the pressure application, convenient to use.

A. Correctitude electrical characteristic

1. Correctitude bandwidth 88860MHZ

2. In-band flatness ±1dB

3. Output infection loss ≥10dB

4. Maximum gain 25dB

5.The level of the test port -20dB

6. CTB 50dB

7. CSO 45dB

(With 59 routes supply oscillator, 60dBuV Input, 0dB equilibrium)

8. Noise coefficient 10dB

9. The choice values of the attenuator 2dB, 4dB, 6dB, 8dB, 10dB, 12dB, 14dB, 16dB

10. The optional value of the equalizer 2dB, 5dB, 7dB, 9dB, 11dB , 14dB, 16dB


B. Inverse electrical characteristic

1.Inverse bandwidth 565MHZ

2. In-band flatness ±1dB

3. Output infection loss ≥10dB

4. Maximum gain 20dB

5. The choice values of the attenuator 3dB, 6dB, 9dB, 10dB, 13dB, 16dB, 19dB


C. Power supply

Pressure 150V 265V AC 50Hz

  Power 4W 

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