NOR1GT/4 CWDM type is a two ways optical station and the ideal platform for delivering video (digital or analog) as well as high-speed data services over advanced hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) network; this Optical Node combines the superior proven technologies of both the RF amplifier and optical components. Available with four high levels RF output ports. With its modular design of fiber receiver reverse fiber transmitter and RF amplifier electronics, the NOR1GT/4 can provide the full complement of functions required by advanced networks.


 Four high level output ports with Ga As power double amplifier module

 25 ampere current capacity (steady state) and 25 ampere surge survivability

 Surge Resistant Circuitry ensures gain stage protection without fuses or other nuisance failure-causing device.

●Two 40-90V AC high-efficacy switch mode power supplys

 Forward redundancy with two 1310/1550 nm optical receivers (optional)

 Standard fiber management tray provides fiber and connector storage for up 6 connector pairs.

●Four reverse transmitters according to four ports and xixed witch CWDM using only one pieces of fiber for up and down streams.

 Local test points and LED indicators on optical receivers, transmitters, and optical simplify installation and maintenance

 Optical status monitoring and control

 The NOR1GT/4 launch amplifier uses fixed-value plug-in accessories

 Forward output test point and Reverse input test point for each port on NOR1GT/4 launch amplifier allow optimum design and alignment

l   Forward Specifications

Forward Optical Performance


1310 or 1550 nm

Optical Input Power

-5 to 0 dBm

Pass Band

54 to 1000 MHz

Optical Return Loss

-55 dB

Connector Option


Forward RF Performance

Pass Band

54 to 1000 MHz

Output Level (@ -1 dBm optical input)

+45 dBmV

Frequency Response

+/- 1 dB

Noise Figure

9 dB

C/N (@ -1 dBm optical input)

≥ 51 dB

Composite Second Order (@ -1 dBm optical input)

≥ -65 dBc

Composite Triple Beat (@ -1 dBm optical input)

≥ -65 dBc

Cross Modulation (@ -1 dBm optical input)

≥ -65 dBc

Chrominance to Luminance Delay

< 15 nSec

Return Loss

≥16 dB


75 ohm


KS 5/ 8” RF Port or “F”

Note: the specifications listed below are minimum requirements using 78 NTSC channel (CW) loading from 55 to 550 MHz and digital from 550 to 1000 MHz. Digital loading is –6 dB below analog levels.


l   Return Specifications 

Return Optical Performance

Wavelength Option

1470 to 1570 nm

Band Pass Option

5 to 42 MHz

Output Power

1 mW

C/N (2 NTSC channel loading)

>48 db

Optical Return Loss

-55 dB



Return RF Performance

Band Pass Option

5 to 42 MHz

Input Level (Max for 50% total OMI)

-47 dB mV/Hz

Frequency Response

+/- 1 dB


l   Other Specifications 

Power Supply

External AC Adapter

Import AC voltage (50-60Hz)

45 V to 90 V

Power consume

DC -6V|+15V+ 24V



Temperature Rating

-22 ° F to +122° F

Humidity Rating:


Up to 95%


LWH (mm)





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