SQON - S Reverse Segmentable Node


SQON - S Reverse Segmentable Node is economic platform with high performance, 4 passive output ports, and compact size optoelectronic nodes with bandwidth up to 1000MHz.

It is capable of providing 50dBmV output level with 4 ports at 1000MHz. Modular design enables the Multiple Service Operators to choose the minimal configuration as the present requirement and expand when need in the future. The SQON - S is able to accommodate 2 forward receiver modules and 2 return path transmitters, with redundancy functionality. The SQON - S can be upgraded to different frequency by change some plug-in modules.

The goal for the product is to provide system designer an economical and robust node in CATV optical network.



1000 MHz bandwidth

50 dBmV high level 4 port output

JXP PAD for RF level attenuation

15 A power current passing capability

Band diplexer selection for 42/54, 65/85, 85/105 and 204/258

HP/LP is plug-in type

The bandwidth of Return path Transmitter is 5 to 220 MHz

Linear equalizer using JXP PAD for slope adjustment

Wide operation temperature range - 40 to + 60 ˚C

With optical power TP and LED display for receiver and transmitter module

With capability of field upgrade operation for redundant 2 pcs of forwar