DF-A 1.2 GHz Diplex Filter


DF-A 1.2GHz Diplex Filter is a complete diplex filter with 75 ohm at all ports. This filter isolates the forward and reverse bands so that the two signals can share the same coax band width. The reverse path frequencies pass through the low-pass filter which has a cutoff frequency of 65/85 MHz, and the forward path frequencies pass through the high-pass filter which has a cutoff frequency of 86/105 MHz. The high-pass filter works out to 1.2 GHz. Each of these filters, together with additional filtering provided on the amplifier motherboards, has enough isolation to prevent the amplifier from oscillating. It also provides enough isolation so that there is no interference between the forward and reverse paths.

These accessories can be used for nodes, amplifiers, line extenders, etc.



Note: Unless otherwise noted, all specifications reflect typical performance and are referenced to 68°F (20°C). 


Part Number

 SQDF-A 1.2 GHz 65/86 Diplex Filter


 SQDF-A 1.2 GHz 85/105 Diplex Filter


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