Model M107/M607x modular Transmitter is a new product developed byShanghai Qianjin Electronics Equipment Co., Ltd. It consists of M107 (Intelligent Chassis), and M607x Transmitter Module. The Appearance of the chassis features LCD display, thin film switch, finger-mark-free steel plate, and a vivid color, which make the unit look elegant and modern.

M107 is a one intelligent standard 19" 1RU chassis. M107 can be monitored by the network management software, even though there is no transmitter module plugged into the chassis. In this way, the network management software can get clear status of the available slots in all intelligent chassis, M107. Except for M607 (Optical Transmitter Module), the other modules such as forward optical receiver, reverse optical receiver, and etc., can be plugged into M107, which offers two respectively independent slots.

M607x optical transmitter module has 4 kinds of specification classes, and each class has totally 11 output powers including 2468101213141618 and 20dBm, . (Refer to the Ordering Information below) M607x optical transmitter module uses an internal isolated Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser, which represents the latest technology. Its high cost-effective and wonderful performance are highlighted by its advanced multipoint pre-distortion correction circuit, RF pre-amplifier circuit, high reliability of power supply, intelligent and efficient element management, and unique air- flow design.


u  860MHz bandwidth;

u  High-performance DFB laser to increase the signal quality in HFC;

u  Low noise, low distortion and pre-AMP to meet low RF input signal;

u  Incorporating circuit design built with RF AMP and VCA, and multi-point pre-distortion correction, enhance equipment distortion specification;

u  Separate CPU control board in each OTX module to support effective control and multi-protection function;

u  Effective RF overdrive protection for LD ,low optical power output alarm and automatic LD shutdown;

u  Effective ATC(Automatic Temperature Control) and APC(Automatic Power Control) enable precise optical power levels;

u  Elective AGC (Automatic Gain Control) and field MGC (Manual Gain Control) enables superior link optimization and variable modulation depth (RF drive level);

u  Front panel -20dB RF test port;

u  RS232/485 and RJ45 Ethernet interfaces, SNMP/Telnet /Web IE network protocol can be used to realize local or remote status monitoring and controlling;

u  Advanced high efficiency switching power supply to meet the AC voltage wide fluctuating (176V-264V); redundant switch power supply and automatic alternation;

u  Module position swap freely and hot plug-in and pull-out;

u  Reliable thermal structure design to ensure high stability and long operating life of the equipment.


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